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No matter where you are in your homeownership journey, we are here to help.
  • ​Get a proven plan to homeownership.
  • ​Bring your mortgage current and prevent foreclosure.
  • ​Gain access to resources to help you on your homeownership journey.
Connect with our Homeownership Team for guidance you can trust.

Working with a Certified Homeownership Advisor means partnering with someone who will meet you where you are. They'll help you reach your goals and focus on getting all your questions answered. Follow the steps below to schedule a free consultation.

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Buying a home can be confusing. HomeFree-USA simplifies the process by offering easy-to-understand programs designed to help you build credit and maximize your downpayment.
Raise your credit score with our Credit Achievement Program (CAP):
  • Prepare for mortgage approval with a financial roadmap that works
  • ​Learn what you can do today to boost your credit immediately
  • ​Get a proven plan to help you spend less and save more
  • ​Gain rock-solid confidence with expert homeownership advice you can trust
Get credit and downpayment help with our Mortgage Approval Program (MAP):
  • Improve your credit score, reduce student loans, and other debts
  • ​Gain access to downpayment and closing cost assistance programs
  • ​Get financially prepared for mortgage approval
  • ​Avoid common homebuying mistakes
HomeFree-USA is here to answer your toughest mortgage questions and get you on the path to homeownership success. Whether you need mortgage relief or you want to refinance, we’ve got you covered!.
Confused about your mortgage options?

Our Homeownership Advisors can provide:

  • ​Clear and easy-to-understand information about your mortgage options
  • ​Help on deciding if it’s time to refinance
  • ​Tips on communicating with your mortgage company and financial institutions
Missing mortgage payments or making late payments?

Our Homeownership Advisors can provide:

  • Financial assistance to help pay your mortgage
  • ​Information about your mortgage relief options
  • ​Help with pausing payments and preventing foreclosure
Looking for a lower rate on your mortgage? Want to tap into your equity?

Our Homeownership Advisors can provide:

  • Help with getting rates from multiple lenders; not just one
  • ​Fast and stress-free mortgage assistance
  • ​Expert help from experienced mortgage professionals
Success Stories

“We were able to build a relationship with HomeFree-USA that we feel like we’ll have for the rest of our lives. HomeFree-USA helped make homeownership a reality for us and showed us that it wasn’t as far fetched as we thought it would be.”

Tamika & Dexter

“It was nice to have HomeFree-USA to help me make decisions about my finances, my advisor’s knowledge was outstanding. Banks were offering good rates and different programs so I just stepped out and did it. My home is quiet and I love it”


“I didn’t know how the process worked or if I could even qualify for a home. HomeFree-USA held my hand and walked me through the process. I didn’t know anything about a mortgage — I just thought I couldn’t get one, but HomeFree-USA showed me that I could.”


Have questions? You’ve got an Advocate!
Understanding the world of homeownership can be a steep mountain to climb. We can help you find the financial assistance you need, and give you the financial guidance you want.
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Address: 8401 Corporate Drive, Suite 600 Landover, MD 20785
Email: info@homefreeusa.org
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