Struggling to pay your mortgage? Or wondering if refinancing is right for you?
No matter what’s happening with your mortgage, we’ve got you covered.

Avoid costly mortgage mistakes

​Connect with your mortgage company for positive results

​Find mortgage delinquency, forbearance, and loan modification programs

​Sustain homeownership to stay in your home

HomeFree-USA is here to answer your toughest mortgage questions and get you on the path to homeownership success.

If you are behind on your mortgage, HomeFree-USA helps you:

  • ​Access financial assistance to catch up on late payments
  • ​Understand mortgage relief options
  • ​Prevent foreclosure and relieve stress

If you are current on your mortgage, HomeFree-USA:

  • ​Makes refinancing easier and less expensive
  • ​Helps you lower your interest rate
  • ​Saves time by researching and presenting affordable lender options
  • ​Prepares and positions you to make smart homeownership decisions

Success Stories

“After being hospitalized due to Covid-19, I had no income coming in and fell behind on my mortgage. Not sure what to do next, I attended a foreclosure prevention webinar hosted by HomeFree-USA. After the event I connected with  Homeownership Advisor Gary Plumber. He helped me apply and get approved for a Covid relief program. If it wasn’t for Mr. Plumber, I think I would have lost my house." 
“When I fell behind on my mortgage , I was getting threatening letters from my mortgage company, they weren't trying to work with me. I learned that homeownership counseling could possibly help, so I reached out to HomeFree-USA. Over the next couple of months, I worked with them to get all the information my lender needed. Thanks to HomeFree-USA my lender agreed to work with me so I could keep my home. " 
“I was laid off during the pandemic and I was going through a whole lot of stress just trying to stay afloat. I heard about HomeFree-USA back in 2006 when my husband transitioned. I called HomeFree-USA and spoke with Housing Advisor Gary Plummer. He helped me  make a case with my servicer for a modification, and guided me through the entire process. My loan was approved and I was able to rebuild my life in my home."

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